Futural A1



Manufactured by HJ TECH

FUTURAL Aluminium Cladding

Futural aluminium cladding is an A1-rated, high impact resistant solid panel that provides outstanding durability.

It is designed as a non-combustible aluminium panel solution, that can be fitted as both face-fixed or hook-on panels. This offers an attractive and cost effective alternative to other flat sheet panel systems.

The Futural System uses a 2mm or 3mm non-combustible aluminium cladding panel which is a durable, impact resistant solid panel that can be prefabricated through curving, rolling or perforation.

The cladding panels are pre-finished, meaning they do not need fabrication prior to the coating process. This allows a reduction in lead times, reduced chances of damage and lower costs.

Manufactured by HJ tech.

Project testimonial

Futural A1 has recently been used in a re-cladding project in Manchester Salford Quays on the AC Hotel by Marriott.  

This is a prime example of pre-coated aluminium split between four unique colour references specified by the client.

Approximately 4000m2 split between: Turquoise Blue, Smoke Silver Metallic, Metallic Copper Dark Grey Metallic

This installation has been designed using a fabricated cassette system offering clean lines for a contemporary modern design.

Fully A1 Fire Rated system in a prime location in Salford Quays.

Fully fabricated on our CNC Alu Ranger VGroove by Muratori Machines.


NBS Source – NOW Live! PCS (Pro Composite Solutions Ltd.) is a NBS Source partner, with Futural A1 featuring on our products page!


Infinite “A class” fire rated pre-coating solutions

We are able to offer an infinite range of colours and finishes.

Should you be involved with any re-cladding projects in the UK and requiring a match to an existing finish on any building please do not hesitate to contact us.