UK Construction Week: Interview with Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech

ProComposite Solutions Ltd are exhibiting at UK Construction Week with Casadei ProComposite Tech. Come and see the machine in action at the exhibition in Birmingham from 5-7 Oct this year. The organisers of the event caught up with Casadei ProComposite Tech, as they explain all about their machinery…

Please introduce us your company:

Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech today is known as the most innovative manufacturer of panel processing equipment in the industry.  Since 2006, it has developed systems for architectural facades, but its origins date back to the 1950s as woodworking machinery manufacturer. In 2011, the German BAU exhibition in Munich proved most successful and decisive: the company has since specialised in technology for architectural panels fabrication.

The company has rapidly responded to industry needs and has been ‘first to market’ with many unique designs and fabrication solutions.  Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech accomplished this by establishing itself as a partner to the panel industry, taking input from material manufacturers and top panel fabricators to guide their technological development.

Talk us through your latest innovations/ Exciting new products:

Many of the world’s top producers of cladding panels such as ACM, Aluminum Honeycomb, solid aluminum, Fiber Cement, HPL panels have officially endorsed Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech as the preferred vendor for fabrication processing equipment thanks to their innovative, market defining machine designs.

For 2021, Casadei will be announcing new panel handling automation, new design upgrades and strategic partnerships that will further enhance their position in the market offering the world’s most versatile and automated solutions for the Architectural Cladding Industry.

What makes your products/services stand out from the competition?

High performance in a reduced space, Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech is able to grant:

  • Highly optimised fabrication processes;
  • Automatic loading of the panels (Patented);
  • Automatic panel positioning to avoid operator’s handling;
  • Automatic vacuum zones management and advanced vacuum release  (Patented);
  • Automatic high fabrication speeds on all top architectural cladding
  • Automatic off loading of processed panels for top speed productivity (Patented);
  • Highly advanced CAD-CAM software to speed up fabrication;
  • Perfect folding for big ACM cassettes;
  • Automatic processing for the EDGE of top architectural cladding panels;
  • Automatic aluminum honeycomb panels edgebanding (Patented);

How has your company coped during the pandemic?

Productivity and demand have remained high due to essential re-cladding works and a shortage of capacity for fabrication in the UK.  Globally demand has increased for both ACM, Fibre cement and Solid Aluminium processing.  The pandemic enables us some time to further invest in R&D, testing and anticipate growth strategies around the world.

How is your company coping with the current lockdown?

We are trying to see an opportunity in this current situation so with a very positive mindset we are investing our time and resources in the company: we are using this time to establish better relationships with our customers, by listening to them and understanding their needs and working how we can solve their production issues.  We are enlarging our production facility, increasing manufacturing capacity and improving our office space for our employees, we want to make their work place a happy place. So you see, on top of our list of priorities, is investing in our staff also by employing new talents for key roles so as to boost our organisation potential.  In a nutshell, we are coping by investing massively.

How can UK Construction Week Support you more?

Additional exposure to all sectors of the construction industry will play a huge part in creating awareness in our unique ability to develop specialist solutions and help our customer increase productivity in cladding fabrication

About UK Construction Week

What can visitors expect to see on your stand?

Full working demonstration of our AluRanger VGroove, a CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table to process panels for architectural facades.  Visitors will also see the Alu Bender, unique milling and bending machine on the market, to actually hem the edge of the composite panels and improve the edge of HPL or fibercement in seconds. We created this machine because we saw our customers bend the edge of ACM or remove the chatter marks of HPL manually. So now they have an automatic machine to improve the edge of the top architectural panels for them.

Who do you hope to meet at UKCW 2021?

Fabricators, contractors and any distribution companies producing high volumes of materials for the architectural space. We are also looking forward to meeting architects and designers to introduce and discuss new applications of panels in interior design.

About the industry

What challenges does the industry face during this time, and what can be done to counter them?

With the IRG’s project in mind to manage the remediation of unsafe cladding.  We can offer a solution for fast and efficient fabrication of cladding materials for high-rise buildings.

Due to the revision of BBA certifications in July 2017 after the Hackitt review, this has narrowed down the product options substantially.  In order to meet the huge demand with a much higher capacity of fabrication requirements than usually required.  Our unique CNC solution engineered in the Republic of San Marino for faster and more cost-effective Machine routing and Fabrication of the cladding materials in questions.

The Alu Ranger VGroove can be used by our network of fabricators for a wide range of materials such as:

  • A2 and FR Rated Aluminium Composite Material – 4mm (0.5)
  • Pre-Coated Solid Aluminium from 1.5 through to 8mm thick
  • Aluminium Honeycomb
  • HPL
  • Fibercement
  • Gypsum Board
  • PMMA and polycarbonate panels

The advantages of this unique engineering method include minimal amount of space and labour, enabling maximum output through automation.

For more details please contact:

James Meylan, Managing Director

+44 (0)7921 771711 | [email protected]

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