A demonstration facility on your doorstep

Neptune Machinery & PCS (Pro Composite Solutions) Ltd have established a partnership to provide a demonstration centre for the growing market in the fabrication of Architectural Materials in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Over the past few weeks, Neptune Machinery near Shannon, Ireland, has expanded its showroom with a newly installed High Throughput and MultiMaterial CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table, the Alu Ranger VGroove to process composite panels for fabricators in the Construction, Interior Design, Sign Making and Transportation Industries.

This comes thanks to an effective partnership signed with ProComposite Solutions in England who have provided state of the art machinery produced by Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech in San Marino.

This is where – before starting its journey to Ireland – it was designed, engineered, tested and shipped as a demonstration machine available for customers to test in the showroom in Ireland.

Fabricators of architectural facades and industrial panelling looking at new manufacturing solutions and eager to discover a multimaterial CNC panel router for their production facilities, can visit Neptune Machinery just outside Shannon for a free tailor-made demo session with expert engineers, at any time.

Special materials can be processed on this high speed and throughput router designed for panels used in architectural fabrication. Alu Ranger is a powerful machine for milling, drilling and grooving architectural panels and it’s constructed with a vertical table which takes up 60% less space on the factory floor.

Software training that supports the machining operation and ensures efficient management of the production flow, can also be provided at the Neptune Demo Centre, to show you how to get the best out of Alu Ranger VGroove.

PCS and Neptune Machinery offer a specialist service into the supply and fabrication of Architectural Cladding Materials in the UK and Ireland.

PCS and Neptune Machinery work hand in hand with Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech, a San Marino based company specialising in state-of-the-art Automatic CNC Machines.

Alu Ranger installed and ready for demo session at Neptune Machinery, Ireland.

“We invite all our customers to see first hand processing of a wide range of materials and fabrication techniques.  Enabling us to demonstrate some of the more specialist features of the Alu Ranger.”

(James Meylan, Managing Director PCS)

Live demonstrations as well as online custom made sessions can be arranged for all our customers.

CNC Panel Routing with Automatic Handling, Multipurpose Edge Processing and Cassette Folding Solutions

Labour Saving

Patented solution for automation, the entire process can be operated by 1 operator.


Automation and working vertically, reducing back strain. Quieter and less energy consumption.

Automation & Software

Automatically loaded panels, fed directly onto the flat bed. Supported by dedicated software optimising the programming for any design, reducing material waste.

Space Saving

60% less space than conventional CNC routers.


Multiple options to cover a wide range of VGroove and cutting solutions seamlessly integrated and programmable in one operation.


25-30 meters per minute. With this increased productivity on average 450 – 750m2 of material could be fabricated in one 8-hour shift.

James Meylan (PCS) and Steve Gibson (Neptune Machinery).

If you want to be impressed by the huge potential in a return of investment your company can generate with the Alu Ranger CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table, contact us to find out more and book your free demo [email protected]